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MACH 2 official birthdate is at Easter 1991 during the Paris Model Show.
The creation of this small company is the result of a whole life of passion
and total devotion to the plastic modelling univers.

My name is Didier PALIX. I was born in 1958 and I remember to have built
my first kit when I was 6 or 7 years old. Famous name as AIRFIX, REVELL,
FROG or HELLER have been the faithful fellow of my childhood.

With the grown up age come the eagerness desire to cross the river,
to come across the other side of the miror or if you prefere to create by myself
all the models that major companies will never give us.

Then with the help of Georges GAZUIT, famous tire industry ingenior
as well as passionated modeller, I have set up a technical process of injection mold
making with the intention of create my own 1/72° scale plastic airplanes range.
In 1993 I bought all the machines and tool indispensable for mold manufacturing
and plastic extrusion (Injection Press MIR 190 tons).


Today, MACH 2 produce between three and five new kit per year
eather under is own label or as a subcontractor for other companies.

After several years of activitie, the starting motivation remain the same :
turn my passion to a profession by sharing this love of plastic modelling
with all those who like me have the privilege to have remain young enough
in their mind to considere as important what is not important at all.

Have a nice visit in my catalogue …
...and thanks by advance to keep your hands off the assembled models.

Didier PALIX